SHN: New hospice shop goes retro

 New hospice shop goes retro

A THIRD Hospice Shop opened its doors for the first time in Bowral on Saturday.

The new store, in High Street Arcade, specialises in high-quality “retro” clothing, furniture, accessories and memorabilia made between the 1950s and 1980s.

Southern Highlands Community Hospice Committee business manager Daphne Robertson said the idea to open a “retro” store came from the desire to connect with young Highlanders.

Mrs Robertson said the original Hospice Shop received lots of goods from the baby boomer generation that fit the “retro” description, which would appeal to young peoples’ tastes.

“Retro is just very hot with young people. In Sydney and Melbourne there are masses of retro shops,” she said.

“We want to bring young people into the project.”

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