Every Life Has A Story


Southern Highlands Community Hospice (SHCH) has launched a Biography Service for palliative care patients to assist them in writing their life story.

Several palliative care services, including The Sacred Heart Hospice in Sydney, have for some time been helping patients write their life stories with the help of specially trained volunteers. We now have five trained biographers who are ready to provide this free service to clients in our community.

The biography process has been found to be most beneficial for both clients and their families as the end of life approaches. It gives a positive focus and often opens up channels of communication for families. The process is cathartic, emotionally sensitive and supportive.

The biography recording requires about six or eight one-hour interviews to complete the process. In recording the biography, the client may focus on whichever part of their life they choose and we encourage them and/or their families to provide photos, music, poems or anything else they would like to include.

At the end of the interview process, we provide the family with two beautifully bound books of their stories and also an electronic version for the family to keep and perhaps add to at a later date. All information provided by the client is strictly confidential and at the end of the service, all records are destroyed.

Our biography volunteers are very keen to provide this valuable service to our clients in the Southern Highlands.

If you would like to find out more about this exciting new service, please contact Annette or Kate on