SHCH community outreach

In September 2019, a Special General Meeting of members considered changes to the Constitution to give SHCH a wider brief to provide palliative care services in settings beyond a hospice. The changes were approved by a large majority of members and have real meaning for SHCH as an organisation. The Board?s commitment to a comprehensive range of palliative care services can now be implemented through services to outpatients. The biography service has received many referrals, and several biographies are currently in progress. We have just commenced the active planning phase for a program to provide pharmaceutical support to non-cancer palliative care patients. (A similar program for cancer patients is already available through CanAssist). Additional programs are being evaluated, and as they come to fruition they will be an important part of the way we support the community that has supported SHCH for so long.
Importantly, our changed Constitution still incorporates the original objective of providing palliative care to inpatients, but now without the requirement to first build a hospice. We are currently in active discussions with a major not-for-profit health care provider to gain access to a small number of their beds in order to provide inpatient hospice care. The Board?s commitment to achieving inpatient hospice care remains as strong as ever.