Our new retail group manager

Our new Retail Group Manager, Sarah Bevis, commenced work with us in January. Sarah?s responsibilities include our retail operations, fundraising and events. With a background as a stylist, in visual merchandising and events coordination, and having worked a senior account manager in a large advertising agency, she brings great experience and expertise to us. With four shops and over a hundred volunteers to get to know, Sarah hit the ground running and quickly learned that there is ?never a dull moment? when you work for SHCH. Her enthusiasm and excitement are infectious, and she is brimming with new ideas for our shops, as well as for fundraising activities and events.
Keeping our retail operations thriving will be a big challenge for us in 2020. The current retail environment is difficult, but SHCH shops performed very well in November and December. January had many challenges! Anecdotally, we know there have been many busy days in our shops since the fire threat eased, the weather improved and people have returned to the streets and shops.