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Over 300 volunteers share their time, expertise and energy with SHCH. Forty new volunteers joined since the end of 2014, and we receive applications every week. Here’s a bit about them.

Most are women, but there is a steadily growing group of men volunteers. Most live in the Southern Highlands, and all see volunteering with SHCH as a great way to connect with their community, meet fellow residents, and make a contribution.

Many are over 55 and no longer work full-time. But there are younger volunteers, including high school students, who include volunteering with study, part-time jobs, and family and sporting commitments.

Our volunteers have extensive professional expertise. They have been business owners; nurses; solicitors; project, events and office managers; childcare workers; teachers; counsellors; former members of the military and police; researchers and academics; media, PR and marketing specialists; retail specialists; accountants; have worked in rural industries, as social workers, interior designers, florists, artists, massage therapists, librarians, and in the theatre. Some bring general handyman skills and some have specialist skills like restoring antiques.

They have raised children, cared for aging parents and supported disabled partners and children. Many have worked as volunteers in their children’s schools, community and religious groups, sporting and service clubs, and in other hospices and palliative care services. Some have experience in pastoral care, bereavement support and disaster recovery.

Every day except public holidays, several volunteers are doing something for SHCH. A typical weekend has at least six volunteers working in the four Hospice Shops. Another group may be hosting or planning a fundraising event. During the week, the volunteer contribution is greater: there may be eight volunteers in the Shops, a team on the road collecting or delivering furniture, the roster coordinators working to ensure the next week’s shifts in the Shops are filled, the volunteer coordination team interviewing prospective volunteers and the administrative team filing minutes, updating records, taking ID photos and ensuring a raft of other tasks are done on schedule.

Then there is the significant contribution made by SHCH Board members, all of whom are also volunteers.

Even with all these wonderful people and all that they do for us, we do need more volunteers!

If you’d like to become a SHCH volunteer, please email: volunteers@shchospice.org.au

Send your contact details and we’ll follow up quickly. The volunteers email is checked regularly every day, so we look forward to hearing from you.