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Palliative Care Services

Southern Highlands

Throughout the Southern Highlands, demand for a diversified approach to palliative care is growing at a rapid pace. By employing a fresh approach to thinking, innovative concepts in how palliative and hospice care can be made accessible, has resulted in the implementation of programs to fund and support the community. The following services are available to those in need of palliative care:

Palliative Care

In partnership with palliative care specialists, we can provide funding for diverse palliative care needs including nursing, carer support, equipment hire and home cleaning.

Pharmaceutical Support

We can offer assistance with the ongoing cost of necessary and life-saving medications. This assistance is not means tested and is available to individuals related to palliative care.

Biography Service

A personal biography can help foster reflection on one's life and communicate experiences and wisdom. This free service helps to preserve your memories for generations to come.


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